The 2019 Link Conference is on July 17 at Lionhead Golf Club.

LinkMixer attendees will receive special pricing for this event. We'll send you details soon!

2018 Conference Details:



Conferences attendees started off the morning with a delicious breakfast before receiving an industry overview and economic updates from TransCore Link Logistics. Those in attendance also got to view the new and enhanced Loadlink.

Afterwards, everyone engaged in a unique, interactive networking challenge and experienced a lively open chat session on blockchain and the transportation industry, facilitated by Mike McCarron, President of Left Lane Associates.



Download our industry
overview presentation.


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Expert Panellists
Moderator: Mike McCarron
Mike McCarron
President & Founder of Left Lane Associates
Dave Brajkovich
Chief Technology Officer at Polaris Transportation Group
Jacoline Loewen
Director of Business Development at UBS, Wealth Management
Mark Southey
Executive VP, Business Development at Traffix

Feature Panel Discussion:

Blockchain - What It Means For Your Business

This new technology has already started entering the trucking industry and it will have a major impact on all aspects of your business in the near future.


What is blockchain in simple terms?

It’s the continuous update of digital records and who holds what. It’s information about transactions such as date, time and who is involved. This information is encrypted into a block that links to form a chain that cannot be broken. Blockchain will affect the way that we do contracts, move goods, make payments, track transactions and shipments and so much more.

This technology is not just for big companies, but all companies in all industries. Want a blockchain refresher? Download our conference presentation here

Conference Raffle Winners  

Sunil Lamech

Halim Zrafi, Avaal Technology Solutions

Bob Cascagnette, Highlight Logistics Inc

Daljit Banwait, Pro Freight Trucking Inc.

Vinoth Paiva, Actual Time Logistics Group

Prash Yogan, Mactrans Logistics

Stephen Fraites, Dell Canada

Manny Speranza, The FBI Group

Larry Kopp, Logistics and Customs Services Inc.

Kevin Fernandes, Traffix

Kelly Browning, Service Freight Systems Inc.