Providing our customers with the power of freight matching since 1990

Some see freight matching as volumes and capacity. Although that is true, we see it as the lifeblood of the businesses of our customers. 

As Canada’s leader in load and freight matching service, we transform our customers’ need into insights that deliver on their needs—we help turn empty trucks and available loads into full trucks and moved loads, and we do it better than anyone.

Our Company

TransCore Link Logistics is a growing business serving the Canadian transportation industry. We are the market leader in many of our lines of business, and while our business has evolved over time, we remain committed to providing technology solutions that generate operational efficiencies and increased profitability for our customers, and enjoy longstanding relationships with them as a result. 

Our Commitment and Vision

We are committed to connecting the commercial transportation industry through a trusted and innovative marketplace, to make Canadian trucking and logistics companies more profitable.

Located in Mississauga, Ontario, TransCore Link Logistics has grown to be the largest transportation technology company in Canada, providing quality solutions to carriers and brokers of all sizes.

Our History

Before there was Loadlink, people were making connections via rolodex, or whatever was done back then. 1990 marked the year when the Canadian trucking industry found a better way to access the vast amounts of companies with available loads and trucks through the establishment of Loadlink.

Back then, Loadlink ran on 14.4 k modem, and a system running on Microsoft Disc Operating System (DOS). Then and now, Loadlink continues to be the leader in its market. 

  • Loadlink was born.
  • Company renamed to Link Logistics. 
  • Link for Windows introduced.  Internet access established.
  • Alliance formed with DAT Services
  • Link 2000 Dispatch introduced.
  • Link Logistics acquired by
  • Link Logistics renamed to TransCore Link Logistics. 
  • Driverlink, LinkTrak and LinkPlatinum introduced.
  • LinkTrak introduced to the U.S. market.
  • TransCore is acquired by Roper Technologies (NYSE: ROP).
  • TransCore acquired assets of Vistar, partnered with Crimson Logic to provide ACE solutions. 
  • OPSCenter released.
  • LinkDiamond introduced.
  • Training agreement reached with Avaal.
  • Partnership with Truck News to promote Driverlink services.
  • Agreement with PCMiler to integrate and resell mileage.
  • TransCore sells Globalwave to Inmarsat.
  • Partnership with Transport Institute at University of Manitoba.
  • launched.
  • Freight Index monthly statistics introduced.
  • Google Maps integrated with Loadlink.
  • Loadlink Mobile introduced.
  • LinkDispatch integration introduced–the first and only dispatch software integrated with Loadlink.
  • Launch of Posting Index – Truck-to-Load Ratio Tool.
  • New LinkScholar Scholarship Program.
  • Introduction of LinkDispatch Lite.
  • TransCore Link Logistics celebrates 25 years in business
  • Launch of Rate Index truckload rating tool

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