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There’s more to our company than freight matching

The benefits of partnering with TransCore Link Logistics and subscribing to our top notch services may have started with Loadlink, but oh boy, there’s more. 

IFTA Fuel and Mileage Tax Reporting Service

It’s your responsibility to ensure your fleet remains compliant, but we’ll manage that burden for you.

Our International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) fuel and mileage reporting service saves you time and money. Our service will provide simple and accurate tax calculation, customizable reports and more—we’ll even manage all correspondence with the regulatory agency in the event of an audit.

ACE/ACI eManifest Solution

Keep your fleet compliant with state/provincial and federal regulations.

With our ACE/ACI solutions, send your eManifest submissions directly to the Canada Border Services Agency via secure online portals with ease.

Fuel Savings Program

If you or your company drivers are paying cash for fuel, STOP!

Our fuel savings program is simple and saves money. It has no setup fees, no monthly charges and is accepted at over 6,000 locations throughout Canada and the United States.

Mileage and Routing Solution

Your answer for accurate mileage and routing information for all stops in orders and loads is here.

Want a detailed breakdown for the distances travelled along your route? Our mileage and routing solution allows you to calculate miles based on practical, shortest and national routes, or if you want to avoid tolls or fifty-three routes, you have that option too.

Toll Savings Program

Say goodbye to cash tolls and multiple transponders. With our toll savings program, you can save up to 40% on U.S. tolls with a single transponder.

The program also has weigh station bypass integration. The service is compatible with PrePass, Norpass, NCPass and NJPass.

Office Supplies Discount Program

Enjoy up to 68% in discounts with your order of everyday office supplies.