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Easily manage the status of your orders, assign carriers, email confirmations, and invoice your clients with LinkDispatch.

Since 1998, LinkDispatch software has been assisting small to medium-sized transportation companies to increase operational efficiencies by improving processes and saving valuable time.

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In today’s “Just in Time” transportation market, managing and monitoring your carriers is so critical to maintaining  good customer relationships and profitability. LinkDispatch is a reliable full-cycle solution. From order acceptance to delivery, plan upcoming shipments and track those en route in a few easy steps. Improve cash flow by quickly generating customer invoices and tracking outstanding receivables plus, deliver high-level customer service by easily providing shipment status and historical information. At any point, run reports to check operational and financial overviews to help with performance improvements.  

All upgrades and support from our service and support teams are included in your low monthly license fee.


LinkDispatch is our full-featured dispatch software that is available as a local software installation or as a cloud-based install.

  • Post loads directly to Loadlink, Canada’s most powerful load board
  • Get customer shipments in and rated quickly with an easy-to-follow order entry screen
  • Handle transactions in both Canadian and U.S. currencies
  • Get carriers assigned with ease
  • Track the status of shipments en route and follow on-time delivery with ease
  • Send automated email delivery notifications to your customers
  • Secure payments quicker with account receivable reporting to stay on top of your outstanding receivables and track payments
  • Ease the stress on pay day by providing a clear record with carrier settlement reports
  • Analyze sales and customer volumes along with customer profitability reporting