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Posting Index captures data from more than 15 million trucks and loads posted annually. 

View real-time and historic truck-to-load volumes by geographic lane, truck type and TL or LTL. Posting Index is a powerful planning tool for brokers.   

As a transportation professional, you know that:

  • Regional load and truck volumes are constantly changing.
  • The going rate in a specific lane a month ago when there were more trucks in the area will not be the same as the going rate today.
  • In order to be successful, you always need to reevaluate changes in the marketplace and their impact on your business.    

Posting Index delivers this information with a click of a button.  Instantly know the exact number of loads and trucks in each region and the changes occurring in each lane.

Maintain your profit margins

For brokers, Posting Index will identify lanes that have over capacity and assist you with pricing. Check a lane instantly prior to committing to your shipper customers and let them know that you will have no problem handling their shipment, or that you may need a few more dollars to get that load covered. Posting Index data provides you with the information you need to ensure you maintain your profit margins.  

Capture changes to optimize pricing

Supply and demand can change quickly. If you don’t keep up, you could experience thousands of dollars in lost revenue and increased expenditures. Posting Index gives you the snapshot you need to optimize your pricing.   

Posting Index is an effective planning tool that boosts bottom line returns and allows you to:

  • View truck and load volumes throughout North America
  • Find the best balanced lanes
  • Select any range of dates (e.g. weekly, monthly, annually etc.) to view data 
  • Search ratios in every region
  • Analyze data equipment type
  • See opportunities to maximize miles and revenue

At times, to run an effective business, you want to drill deeper to mine data that is tuned to your specific needs. With Posting Index, get that competitive information that will bring you above the curve of competitors.