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Rate Index gives you the low, average & high rates in the single or multiple lanes that you run.

Rate Index gives you the low, average & high freight rates in individual or multiple lanes

Use Rate Index for the most accurate truckload market rates. Validate your rates against thousands of truckload rates submitted daily by transportation companies across Canada.

  • View average rates within Canada and cross border at a glance
  • Forecast your costs accurately
  • Identify trends in lanes so you know if rates are going up or down
  • Validate that you’re paying exactly what you should be

Rate Index is the largest truckload rating tool designed specifically for Canadian companies.

More data for total visibility

Rate Index now includes all Loadlink Posting Index information! View available truck capacity and truck to load ratios for all points in the US and Canada. Posting Index includes posting data on more than 15 million trucks and loads posted annually. Capacity crunches do exist. With Posting Index, you will know exactly when to expect challenges in finding available trucks and when to expect surge pricing. With this knowledge, you will be able to plan your deliveries in advance.

Rest easy knowing that your transportation spend is in line with industry averages.