Still not Convinced? Here's what our Customers have to Say:

Loadlink is a very essential tool used in this company for finding inbound and outbound loads.

–Lakhveer Chhokar, Simrut Trucking Inc. on Equifax, Loadlink

Your web site is great! One week, 13 calls for a new driver—it blew my mind. Anyways, I took a job for a company in Toronto; great people to work for.

Thank you Driverlink.

–Jason Curtis on Driverlink Job Seeker

This site is the best ever! My bio was in just a few hours when the phone calls came pouring in. Thanks guys for a great web site! I will let everyone know how good it is.

–Rick Mills on Driverlink Job Seeker

The service is probably the best thing someone could ever think of. I have been with this service since I got my ACZ license and I couldn't think of anything better.

–Igor Gavric on Driverlink Job Seeker

I took the time to use your website, and I found work. I had 22 or more people look at my profile and I have 2-3 emails that I am looking at. What a wonderful way to get a new job in the digital world!

–John McKay on Driverlink Job Seeker

I found the job that I was looking for and it pays really well. Your company provides an excellent service. I was surprised when I started to receive calls; in 1 week I got 6 calls! Keep up the good work!

–Sam Sementilli on Driverlink Job Seeker

I found a job through after spending many days trying to decide which one to take. Your site is awesome for brokers or drivers. It's the only place to go!

–Steven Albin on Driverlink Job Seeker is an excellent website for new drivers to register their name for potential jobs. As a new driver myself, I registered on and began receiving calls for work within 24 hours.

on Driverlink Job Seeker

I posted my resume on and the next morning I got a bunch of calls from employers. I am now working again. I can't believe how quickly I was able to find a new job. The Driverlink site works great!

–Mike McAllister on Driverlink Job Seeker

Thank you for your assistance once again because this is the 2nd job that I have found through

–Ed Bonnell on Driverlink Job Seeker

Thank you Driverlink!! I appreciate the help you were able to provide to me. Your service has proven invaluable. I will be passing your information on to the other students I met at KRTS. I am sure they will benefit from your service too.

–Terry White on Driverlink Job Seeker

I signed on with Driverlink on a Saturday afternoon, and on the following Thursday, I was hired by D.A. LePage, in Brantford. Doug LePage did a wonderful job of making me feel welcome there, and he also made me feel like I was important to the company.

on Driverlink Job Seeker

Thanks for letting me know that I haven’t been logging on to your website it’s because I am working part-time so I cannot get on the computer as often as I would like to. If I do not login please do not terminate my membership thank you.

–Glenn Gould on Driverlink Job Seeker

As a new driver in the industry, by using your services I was able to find a job the very next day after receiving my license. is where any trucking professional that seeks employment should be at.

–Roger Wiggins on Driverlink Job Seeker

I recently have got a job through the website, and I would like to remove my profile and name from here. Thank you for your help in securing my new job.

–Wes Leeuwestein on Driverlink Job Seeker

I love your service, and I found a job on my first visit on your website. I am now driving a truck and I don't have time or the need to visit your website right now.

–Robert McBrady on Driverlink Job Seeker

I have found a job through Driverlink! I appreciate the help in finding employment and I think it is an excellent way to find a driving job.

–Gerald Johnson on Driverlink Job Seeker

Driverlink was a good experience and I had quite a few calls after posting my resume.

–K. Hewton on Driverlink Job Seeker

I have recently found a job through your website and it was a great tool for advertising!

–Paul Nicholls on Driverlink Job Seeker

I filled out the information online on Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. Around 8:00 a.m. the next morning the phone rang; I set up an interview with the company for 9:45 a.m., and was hired that day!

–Al Comeau on Driverlink Job Seeker

I would just like to say that this is one of the best websites I have seen in a long time. I had calls within 5 minutes of posting my resume! Awesome stuff you people – keep it up!

–Rob on Driverlink Job Seeker

Thanks to, I had around 15 job offers to choose from. It was as easy as filling out an application online and sitting back waiting a day or two for results. Offers poured in from all over the province. It was unbelievable.

–Lisa Radford on Driverlink Job Seeker

Great site! So far I've arranged 2 interviews for next week. I'm a new driver, so this has been a great service! I'll let you know what company I end up with.

–John D. on Driverlink Job Seeker

Just wanted to say what a fantastic site you have to serve the needs of drivers and employers alike.

–Shaun on Driverlink

I believe that the services your company provides is a definite benefit to the industry and the drivers. Thank you for the great information that is a help to drivers looking for work and the employers looking to hire. A job well done!

–Bryon K. Hurst, Debry Transport Inc. on Driverlink

Driverlink’s set up was fantastic. We secured two drivers.

–Brett Marler, Waddell Transport on Driverlink

I have been using Driverlink for years and I love it. The site is updated constantly and it is a place that allows companies with a real need for drivers to contact me directly. It couldn't be easier.

–Terry Horsman on Driverlink

Even though we had a few contacts already which we wanted to work with, the decision to add the “Link” [integrate Loadlink] to the dispatch side was amazing. Within 20 minutes of being posted, brokers were calling.

–WM Nicholls, Jack D Heins on LinkDispatch

We certainly commend you and the staff at Link Logistics for your work with the various children's charities and certainly Ronald McDonald House is a great charity to support.

–Wayne Stewart, Car-Way Freight Forwarding Ltd. on Golf

TransCore's Charity Golf Tournament is always a great function for a worthwhile cause and a good time had by all.

–Gary Marsh, Mosaic Logistics on Golf

I really enjoyed TransCore’s morning conference. The product demonstrations and presentations of new product information were very educational.

–Sharon Hasler, Alternative Logistics on Golf

I found TransCore’s conference very informative; especially the keynote speaker Melonie who gave great tips on social media and LinkedIn. I also find the mobile loadlink a very valuable addition to TransCore’s product line.

–Michelle Scott, Findlay-Scott Express on Golf

As for the people at TransCore, you can’t find more helpful contacts. They answered my many questions; they call me to see how things are going or if I’m having problems with the program.

–WM Nicholls, Jack D Heins on Service & Staff

I have always been impressed with the professional support of the team at TransCore as well as the continued improvements to the programs.

–Jane Skeffington, Catalyst Freight Solutions on Service & Staff

Julia was amazingly patient as we are so busy here, she had a hard time reaching us and not once did she complain!

–Crystal, Cool Blue Xpress on Service & Staff

Pawan is doing a good job. I appreciate him as he always listens to us and helps us gladly to meet our needs.

–Parmjeet, SPL Logistics Inc. on Service & Staff

Julia is wonderful. She knows her stuff. Pawan is a delight to talk with. Great customer service.

–Michelle, KLM Transportation on Service & Staff

I really like that I get a follow up call from staff; it shows that you are about your service and not just in it for the money.

–Jas, Knight Rush Enterprise on Service & Staff

TransCore has a great team, with excellent service.

–Sadia, YLS Express Inc. on Service & Staff

I really like the fact that I receive calls every now and again asking me if I am happy with the Loadlink and if there are any concerns that I need addressed. In this industry excellent customer service is very rare and it doesn't have to be that way.

–Jennifer Lowry, Salma Transport on Service & Staff

People at TransCore Link Logistics really know this industry. They're involved, helpful, and in touch with the challenges that we face every day in trucking. As a result, they have put in place, stringent requirements for site approval and access.

–Alex Schauman, New Era Trucking on Service & Staff

Louis is very helpful and provides great customer service. Loadlink is great and I book a lot of loads with this service.

–Nick, Sureway Transportation on Service & Staff

Bravo to everyone on the TransCore team for the quality of service and the extremely fast technical support.

–Draz Vukojevic, Dark Horse Logistics on Service & Staff

I was one of the customers who requested this product so I am glad to hear my voice was heard. Loadlink Mobile is an asset—yes, absolutely—very convenient for me to use outside the office.

–Rick Wall, Dirty’Z Transport on Loadlink Mobile

The security of knowing that TransCore Link Logistics did their homework, as well as providing further tools such as credit searches, make using TransCore Link Logistics the most effective way to improve, and accelerate our business.

–Alex Schauman, New Era Trucking on Loadlink

We are very happy with the results on Loadlink – we picked up almost 10 loads since our start date.

– Aurelia, H & I Transport on Loadlink

It was an awesome asset to our operations.

–Rachel, Q4 Logistics on Loadlink

Loadlink has been a fantastic tool for us and has created great connections between ourselves and other transportation companies throughout the 15 years we've been using it.

–Kyle Reain, Altanic Transportation on Loadlink

I am thrilled with your load and equipment matching system, especially the “Live” feature. I myself as well as my staff feel that it has enhanced our business since we have come onboard with Link.

–Dennis O'Connor, Vice-President, O'Connor's Distribution Inc. on Loadlink

SPI International Transportation has been a member of Link Logistics since 1996. We have always been impressed by the way that Link Logistics asks for feedback and listens to provide innovative and better services to its members.

–Mitch Helten, President, SPI International Transportation on Loadlink

TransCore is amazing for the trucking business because:
1. It’s easy to use; even on your hand held.
2. The biggest load board in North America.
3. It adds new customers every hour.

–Shamsher Gill, Interline Motor Freight Ontario Inc. on Loadlink

We started using your services just over a year ago.  It has now become a very important piece to the success of our trucking division. Don’t know where we would be without it.

–Michael Dart, Maltacourt Global Logistics on Loadlink

TransCore is the best trucking and load matching software in the industry! We have worked with a variety of other trucking software and nothing comes close to the results we get for the money spent with TransCore Link Logistics!

–Jimmy Buzalgo, Goldlink Logistics Team on Loadlink

TransCore helps me: cover extra loads, search for carriers, gives mileages, shows corridors, and lets me plan ahead.

–Deb Gartley, Contract Express Ltd. on Loadlink

Subscribing to Loadlink established me as a good freight forwarder within a year.

–Debashish Maitra CITT (Dave), RN Logistics Inc. Domestic & International Freight Forwarding on Loadlink

The quality of service offered by TransCore has been highly impressive. Over the period of seven years, you guys have been very supportive with each member showing the considerable amount of patience, especially in our earlier years.

–Saima Akif, Safe N Save Logistics Inc. on Loadlink

TransCore services have helped me run my business for almost five years now. I have never used any software other than TransCore to run my freight business. It’s simple and straight forward to use.

–Afreen Raza, S&R Transportation Inc. on Loadlink

TransCore Link Logistics’ Loadlink connects us with many new and existing partners in a real-time environment that is easy to work in.

–Andres Suarez, B2B Freightway on Loadlink

Our company has always had a lot of success using Loadlink’s services.

–Kendall Del Frarri, Tri-Tech Logistics on Loadlink

In my 15 years in the transportation industry, Loadlink has been one of the most valuable tools, both on the 3PL side as well as the carrier side. Speaking from experience, I would certainly recommend every product/service that I've used.

–Wayne Davenport, Taylor Made Logistics on Loadlink

I have been working with Loadlink for going on five years now and I can’t thank them enough for helping me with my business needs. I’m looking forward to a strong future together. Thank you so much!

–Cheryl Cournoyer, Fab Freight on Loadlink

I’ve been in this industry for 20 years and we’ve used Loadlink right from the get go…it’s the only one we use. We’ve never had an issue. It works great for us.

–Kevin Williment, Kaljen Logistics on Loadlink

We’ve been using Loadlink since 1994. Loadlink has become a part of our day-to-day operations; helping us to be successful.

–Janice Jorgensen, Terra Nova Transport Ltd. on Loadlink

Very courteous and well-trained team, I don't know if any other such company exists in this industry.

–Anonymous on Loadlink